Diving to save cathedral

William Walker before going into action
William Walker before going into action

In 1905 it was discovered that parts of one of England’s greatest cathedrals, Winchester, were Underpinning diagram final 2about  to collapse. A huge preservation operation followed in which the central figure was William Walker (left), a deep-sea diver, who heroically worked beneath the cathedral for six years, underpinning its foundations (see diagram right) which were below water level and his efforts can be followed in an amazing series of contemporary photographs.

The cathedral’s archaeological consultant, author, photographer and historian John Crook, born in Brede, where he now lives, tells the story in Brede Village Hall on Cackle Street, on October 7 at 7:30 pm.  Tickets, £7.50 (including cheese and wine) are available from Marion Firman (01424 751165) or Pat Whately (01424 883069). (Source & photos: John Crook)


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