General knowledge quiz


1. Founded by Thomas Gibson Bowles in 1885,with Matt Warren now the editor,
what is Britain’s longest running continuous weekly magazine?
2. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah lasts for how many days?
3. The world’s first motorway opened in which European country in 1925?
4. Moor Street and Snow Hill railway stations are in which English city?
5. Which European capital city was founded in 1566 by The Knights of
St. John of Jerusalem?
6. In the body how is Myeloid Tissue more commonly known – a two word answer?
7. Who wrote the book ‘The very hungry Caterpillar’
8. What fish is used in a Cullen Skink soup?
9. What name is given to a male Guinea Pig?
10. How is Marie Christine Von Reibnitz better known?
11. May Blossom appears on what tree?
12. The DTP vaccine, sometimes called DPT is a vaccine for which three
13. Tocopherol is another name for which vitamin?
14. Which two islands are the natural habitat of the Orangutan?
15. In what city is David Bengurion airport?
16. In which English city would you find Cabot Tower?
17. Who wrote the book ‘The Carpetbaggers’?
18. An American actress was dropped from ‘Sunset Boulevard’ in 1994 by
Andrew Lloyd Webber when he discovered that her singing was not up to
it. This led to a lawsuit. Who was the actress?
19. Which spirit is the main ingredient of a mint julep?
20. Released in 1995 what was the first entirely computer-generated
feature film?
21. The word swastika (originally svastika) originally came from which
22. Name the disease of the eye caused by pressure within the eyeball damaging
the optic nerve?
23. The three main Hindu Gods are Vishnu, Brahma and which other?
24. Punch & Judy shows originated in which European country?
25. In December 1959 the BBC made the first transatlantic TV transmission,
broadcasting pictures of whom?
26. What name is given to the study of and treatment of obesity?
27. What vegetable has a variety called a Hurst Green Shaft?
28. What title was originally given to a Canon Lawyer in the Roman Catholic
Church appointed to argue against the canonization/beatification of a
29. Which word means to laugh at an inappropriate moment whilst acting on stage?
30. In Indian food what type of food is paneer?


1. The Lady
2. Eight (8)
3. Italy
4. Birmingham
5. Valetta
6. Bone marrow (actually red bone marrow)
7. Eric Carle
8. Haddock
9. A boar
10. Princess Michael of Kent
11. Hawthorn
12. Pertussis, typhoid and diphtheria
13. Vitamin e
14. Sumatra and Borneo
15. Tel Aviv
16. Bristol
17. Harold Robbins
18. Faye Dunaway
19. Bourbon whiskey
20. Toy Story
21. Sanskrit
22. Glaucoma
23. Shiva
24. Italy
25. The Queen
26. Bariatrics
27. Pea
28. Devil’s advocate
29. Corpse
30. Cheese

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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