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The first two of a series of Gong Bath/Sound Healing sessions took place on Saturday February 4 at Playden WI Hall near Rye.

Jo-Anne Burchfield-James, who lives in Rye and provides Quay of Life, reiki and tuning fork therapies, and Jenna Gooding from Suffolk, were the leaders of the event. Both sessions were fully sold out. People attending were advised to bring something to lie on and a blanket and pillows, or there were chairs if preferred. At the start all was quiet, then the gongs were gradually primed, accompanied by other instruments including ocean drum, singing bowls and sistrum – a percussion instrument of Egyptian origin.

Jo-Anne said afterwards: “Gongs hold the space even before they are played, penetrating every cell of your body, detoxing, help to clear things not running in harmony; they leave you with a feeling of lightness, relaxation, even emotional.

“During the playing the sounds can increase with differing sounds released. People become one with the gong. Sounds and vibrations quickly become lost in them, then comes a profound silence (Shunyata) of about five minutes during which the healing continues. Finally, Koshi Chimes are played and rattles to help bring people back into the room. Gently everyone comes to in their own time and enjoy tea and cakes to help ground them.”

The next event will be held on Saturday March 4 at the same venue, Playden WI Hall, near Rye, then every first Saturday of each month. The instructor for the events will be Jo Burchfield-James covering two sessions at 4.30pm and 7pm. The cost is £12 to include tea and cakes. To book, call 07962 213087, visit Facebook  or check out Gong Gathering/Sound Bath  Facebook page. [Source: Quay of Life]







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