More than a pipe dream


This spell of intense hot weather is beginning to take its toll and the novelty of a hot summer is beginning to wear off. Reservoirs are at an all time low in some areas with scenes of a village reappearing from the half empty reservoir after disappearing from view when the area was flooded in the 1950s. Drought warnings have been issued across the UK and in many areas, hosepipe bans are already in place.

The media are sending out messages encouraging us all to use water wisely, only bath when necessary, don’t wash your cars, recycle water wherever possible and report any leaks and people using hosepipes to the water companies and authorities. Water, our most precious commodity is in short supply.

Looking on social media I noticed a post from Jackie Rees in Icklesham who has come up with a novel solution to water recycling. I got in touch with her and she gave me her permission to use her image as well as her suggestion for saving water which I thought was worth sharing. It reads:

“Hosepipe ban, not at this house. Take one water feature pump and put it in the bath. Attach an old hosepipe to the pump. Run the pipe out of the bathroom window and you get all these plants watered plus more. Beats running up and down the stairs in this heat.”

Not a bad idea and a great way to keep your plants watered without breaking any rules. Thanks Jackie, any other suggestions anyone?

Image Credits: Jackie Rees .

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