Seals delight all


Our seal population in Rye Harbour draws visitors and locals to watch as these lovely creatures bask in the sun on the muddy estuary sides as the tide goes out. These are common seals, the smaller of our two UK seal species. They are also known as harbour seals. Despite being called “Common”, they are less common than grey seals.

When out of the water they can often be seen holding their bodies in a curved banana shaped position with their head and tail in the air at the same time. Seals will perform the banana pose when they are feeling safe and content. Lifting their heads and flippers into to the air also helps to regulate their body temperature and keeps their extremities dry when close to water. Like grey seals they feed on fish and squid. Common seal pups are born during the summer and can swim when they are only a few hours old.

If you find a seal, dont panic!


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