New year quiz


A quiz compiled from stories published in Rye News in 2023.

1. Who were the 12 men and 2 ladies who attended the coronation?
2. Who was nominated by Rye Town Council to represent Rye at the coronation?
3. What is Abigail Cooper-Hansen’s favourite fragrant blossom in the month of May?
4. Who was Rye Jazz Festival’s chosen charity in 2023?
5. A cricket match was held to celebrate the lives of whom?
6. Rye Art Festival showcased a lady speaker with a career of many trail-blazing appointments but who is she?
7. On 16 June 2023, Ryebellion Drummers, Paul Goring and Rev Paul White celebrated what outside the town hall?
8. It’s legal to walk your dog on a lead only on the gravel pathway through where?
9. Local to Rye, Janet Legrand started her role as what in January 2023?
10. In April an article described an object traditionally used when growing hops, what was it?
11. In February who was honoured with the unveiling of a blue plaque at the Hope Anchor Hotel?
12. In January locals partake of what ancient tradition at the Red Lion pub in Brede?
13. What were Bluetits doing at Camber on January 2?
14. Where was a Mad Hatters tea party held?
15. Who had a reprieve in March?
16. With permanent wheeled hoarding at the road side on the A259 and illuminated screens at a roundabout, a letter writer described Rye as what?
17. Which long establish local family business agreed a new partnership?
18. Which Rye club established a girls only section?
19. What was staged for one night only on Friday March 24th in aid of two local causes?
20. In August, local residents of Rye were deeply saddened by what?
21. The Community Garden created homes and houses for what?
22. They fed 4,290 people in 2023, name them?
23. What beverage was green?
24. What had a disastrous effect on businesses in Camber?
25. Local villagers agreed that a working party be formed to save what?
26. Who set up The Kindness Offensive charity to help others through small and large acts of random kindess?
27. Dzhan Mustafa opened a new businesses in February in the Old Shed, what was it?
28. What from Rye reached central London were it was seen being held by the doorman of the Connaught Hotel?
29. Who raised £20,373 for St Michael’s Hospice?
30. The Hub on Rye Hill turned purple in October to support what?

1. Barons of the Cinque Ports
2. Andi Rivett the mayor
3. Hawthorn
4. The Music Well
5. Mike and Peter Mathews
6. Baroness Hale (spider woman)
7. Sussex Day
8. Rye Cemetery
9. RNLI Chair
10. Stilts
11. Author Malcolm Saville
12. Wassailing, to drive evil spirits from orchards
13. Swimming in the sea
14. Peasmarsh Place
15. MP Sally-Ann Hart re-adopted by her party
16. Rye Vegas.
17. Jempson’s with Morrisons
18. Rye Cricket Cub.
19. Three bands of music
20. Felling of a cedar tree in Rye Cemetery
21. Insects and birds
22. Rye Foodbank
23. Green hops beer brewed by Waterworks Brewery
24. Exorbitant car parking fees
25. Bell Inn, Iden
26. Michel (Ryecast)
27. Off-licence supplying different drinks
28. Rye News QR coded window sticker
29. The Rye and District Country Show
30. World Polio Day

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