RCS annual garden party


On Sunday July 8, Rye Conservation Society will be holding its Annual Garden Party at Little Orchard House,  3 West Street.
From 2:30pm to 5pm the lovely walled garden in the heart of the citadel will be open to all – both members and non-members of the society.
And people will also get the chance to visit the tower in the garden.
Built in 1759 by the Proctor family, the tower’s original purpose is lost in the mists of time – was it for the smugglers to organise their shipments or the jealous owner of the house to keep an eye on his wife?
Or simply a folly to show off how the recently wealthy family had made it big time? Who knows, but it offers some fine views of Rye and beyond from above!
The price of the entry ticket to the Garden Party is £5 and £4 to members of the Society. But the fee includes a cream tea, which this year will be scones with jam and cream – pure and simple. House rules dictate they will be served the Cornish way: jam first with cream on top!

Photo: Andy Stuart

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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  1. I hope there will be butter with the scones and cream, please. Salted, none of this unsalted butter nonsense…… Look forward to it.


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