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I think it’s safe to say taking a walk at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is popular for many and a firm favourite of mine.

Walking is a powerful tool to help with overall health and wellness especially in nature so walking at the reserve is simply perfect, it offers varying distance walks, the most popular being the 3km circular route where you can follow the path and will also find hides, offering the opportunity to watch and listen to the vast array of birds. It can get quite noisy at times.

A much loved landmark

There are information boards with some of the facts and history of the area and a very new feature, which I think is a lovely addition, posts with different species on that you can simply place a piece of paper over and take a rubbing using a pencil.

Whether you are an avid walker or simply like to stroll with friends and family, Rye Harbour offers something for everyone: dog walkers, bird lovers, artists, photographers and poets, you name it Rye Harbour has it all.

An ebbing tide

It is such a huge open space, the reserve is a vast 475 hectares, and over the years, the species of plants and animals have been recorded at over a whopping 4,500 types.

On a clear sunny day there is no better place to spend time: it is very calming and helps you feel better instantly. Take the time to look around and absorb all its beauty. There are benches dotted around the pathways too and if you take a seat just for a few moments, I guarantee you will feel calmer very quickly.

The wilder days still make for an interesting walk, with the wind howling, the rain pouring, there is still something magical about it and of course you can warm yourself up in the discovery centre where you will find a lovely shop and a lot more information about the reserve and the varying guided walks and workshops on offer for all ages, and also the welcoming Lime Kiln cafe.

View over the reserve

Sussex Wildlife Trust have managed the nature reserve since 2011 and have spent a lot of time enhancing the area in many ways to benefit wildlife and the plant species – all the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Walking is becoming more and more popular as people begin to notice the power it has, walking with friends offers connection, walking solo offers time and space to be with your thoughts or simply switch off, walking with your children creates memories for all so why not get out for a walk and see where it leads you. Life can get busy so getting out in nature is really important so why not head to the harbour soon.

Image Credits: Carolyn Gould .

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