The trill and warble of the pipes


Petty Officer Phil Whiteman, Commanding Officer Rye and District Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets, is very proud of his young cadets and all that they achieve. On Sunday, February 5, they entered a piping competition and their team of three, Lara, Theo and Bradley, gained second place. Able Cadet Williams was placed third in the individual category.

Lara, Theo and Bradley piping competition for the Sea Cadets

This is the first time in six years that the cadets have taken part. In October 2022 PO Shane Young, a piping instructor, joined the team at Rye. He began teaching the cadets in January, and they were really enthusiastic to learn and reach a level good enough to be entered into the competition. PO Young’s dedication to his craft rubbed off on the youngsters and they were able to excel themselves on Sunday.

Piping is a naval method of passing orders and information, and every Sea Cadet should know how to use a “Boatswain’s Call” (the Call) and how to pipe an order. Orders passed are known as “Pipes”. The expression “to pipe” means to make the sound of the boatswain’s call and to give the spoken order which may qualify it.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce , Phil Whiteman .

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