Why Rye?


David Roder, who runs Rye Waterworks Micropub and is about to open Rye Waterworks Microbrewery in Playden. He moved to Rye 15 years ago with his partner and sons.

Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram because I understand it.

Meat or Fish?

Neither. I haven’t eaten meat or fish for nearly 30 years. I’m a veggie but I don’t shout about it because it annoys people. There’s nothing worse than a preaching veggie or vegan.

Music or Talk Radio?


Football or Rugby?

Neither. Not into sports in the slightest. My hobby is pubs and drinking.

Sand or Shingle?

Sand. I find it easier to walk on.

Wine or Spirits?

Wine. Definitely wine. I was in the wine trade for 18 years. I started in an off-licence when I was 14. A Bottoms Up Wine Superstore opened up in Winchester when I was 16. I couldn’t wait to leave school and I got a job there. At 18, I was assistant manager, at 20, I was my own manager. I became area manager and ran 45 off-licences around London. They kept transferring me all around the country, that’s why I’ve got a mongrel’s accent now, it’s all mixed up.

Dog or Cat?

Both, but if there’s a choice, it’s dog, definitely dog. I love dogs. I’ve had dogs since I was 16. Never looked back. Always rescue dogs, rescue cats, rescue rabbits I’ve had- there are enough dogs in this world without having to get from litters.

Book or Film?

Film. I don’t read at all. Definitely film, I’m quite dyslexic. If I read it goes in there and I don’t register it the other side. I like crime films – The Long Good Friday, Heat –a superb film – and Snatch, love Snatch. Any of those three films, if I’m sitting at home and it comes on the telly, I might have seen it twenty times, but I’ll carry on watching it.

Walk or Run?

Can’t walk, can’t run- walk. I’ve got psoriatic arthritis, so my body is often crippled up. I’m on injections every two weeks that help me get through. I’m due my injection tomorrow so I’m quite stiff at the moment: at work I have to go at a hundred miles an hour, lifestyle, just walking the dog.

Why Rye?

We moved from London to Lydd. We had friends in Lydd. We had a stunning house but we outgrew it. We loved Rye, but didn’t think we could afford it. Remembering what a friend said: “Buy the worst house in the best area”, we bit the bullet. We bought a house that needed masses of doing up and we’re still doing it up 15 years later. Rye is small enough  you can get to know people, but big enough you don’t have to know everyone’s business. It’s a unique place and I’m very, very proud to live here. There’s so much history, so much natural beauty, so many lovely, lovely people and visitors. We’re very lucky, not lucky, fortunate, because we chose the area. It’s a gorgeous place, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Image Credits: Natasha Robinson .

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  1. Dave is absolutely right, Rye is a wonderful magical place. I live nearby, and have been a big fan and regular visitor to The Waterworks since Dave opened it. I’m so pleased that his new venture is up and running, and believe that Dave and Rye are a perfect fit.
    We fully intend to make the move to Rye when we are able, ie when the market and our circumstances align to make it possible.


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