Road repairs farce


Residents in Winchelsea were disappointed when much-needed road works due on June 4 failed to take place.

Locals had been looking forward to the day as East Sussex County Council Highways were set to repair deteriorating road surfaces on the two main roads, the High Street and German Street. Each household in the town had been dutifully leafleted by the County Council, posters had gone up on noticeboards and warning signs set up on the roadside. Residents of the High Street and German Street had moved their cars first thing in the morning, as asked.

At mid-morning, several lorries and a gang of contractors drove into town. However, after standing around for a while, they all left. A resident asked a workman in the departing convoy why they were not going to repair the road, to be told that they had brought the wrong sort of machinery!

Winchelsea is now waiting for a new date for the long-awaited road repair to be fixed by the County Council, hoping that its contractors will bring the right equipment this time. It is unclear who pays for the wasted day and how long it will be before the work is scheduled to start again.

We reached out to The County Council highways department and will pass on the update if we receive a reply.

Image Credits: R. Comotto .

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