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Review of Bexhill governance

Prompted by a petition, Rother District Council is reviewing the governance of Bexhill. Should it have its own Town Council like Rye or would it be better to set up a more powerful Area Committee? The first stage of the consultation continues to the end of the month

Notes from the Council Chamber

A round up of some recent thoughts from our Town Council

RDC councillors, friend or foe?

What do our RDC councillors do? Do they care about Rye? Does one of them even exist? We invite their comments

Camber Fields in safe hands

The auction of open land at Camber Fields ends successfully for Rye with a knock-out bid from a local farmer, but how will Rother use the money?

Rother’s double double dealing?

What is behind Rother's rush to dispose of Camber Fields? Is there more to this than meets the eye, asks a member of Rye's bidding consortium. And what are Rye's RDC councillors doing, or are they still on a convenient holiday?

Rye bid for Camber Fields site

The Rye Fund bids for Camber Fields

Green group considers future

The Annual General meeting of this local "green" group will be considering its future, if it has one

Public ballot on car park row

Is Icklesham Parish Council proposing to write an open cheque to Rother District Council for the next century? Residents angry at the suggestion of taking over unknown costs to run Rye Harbour car park and public toilets have called a Parish Poll

Free home repairs by Rother?

Does your house have loose tiles? Are there windows that need replacing? Worried about the expense? Well, why not hoist the cost onto Rother District Council? That's what an Icklesham parish councillor and former mayor of Winchelsea has managed to do

Building boom hits schools

Concerns are growing over the additional homes being built in Rye. More housing means more families and more children - and more classroom places needed. So what plans are there for local schools?

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