Monthly Archives: September 2014

‘Rother plans will cost Rye its station’

A proposed tax on new homes built in Rye will cost the community dear, argues Chris Coverdale. Rother will use the money to construct a High Speed line to Hastings and Bexhill but with no plans for the trains to stop at Rye. Moreover, he says, this stealth tax will mean the loss of Rye’s rail station and add up to £24,000 to the cost of a new home, hurting first-time buyers and pensioners

Rye United: Rother grabs the keys

First the stand and floodlights went to pay United's debts. Now the district council has taken what remains of the club's hopes to rise from the ashes

Summer ends so start hoarding

Now's the time for hunter-gatherers to finish foraging and pack the results into the freezer or into pots. Here are some low frill but deeply satisfying ways to get the most from what you've gathered

Operatic triumph at the Milligan

The Art Festival's classical musical programme opened with the opera "La Traviata, which was a "triumph" for conductor/stage director Alisdair Kitchen and lead singer Icelandic soprano Rannveig Karadottir, reports reviewer Alexander Stiller.

Sloe-ly does it to win

Making sloe gin is a slow process as the sloes need time to turn into a strong, tasty drink which is why Rye News is announcing a 2015 competition now to include liquor produced in 2014 and in previous years. Other home brews will feature in the competition - but first start slowly with the sloes.

Wheat, loaves and border conflicts

With a bumper wheat harvest successfully gathered in on his Romney Marsh farm, Simon Wright considers the plight of English farmers whose land could straddle two countries if the Scottish 'Yes' campaign should win the day

Clued up? Win a new edition

To celebrate the appearance of a new edition of 'Mapp & Lucia' by Hesperus Press we give you the chance to win a copy by answering three questions

Spotlight on the Black Death

Up to 200 million people died and Europe was devastated over an eight-year period by the Black Death. It took a generation to recover from the pandemic, which features in Rye's fifth Medieval Conference in October at Rye College on "The Hazards of Life and Causes of Death in Late Medieval England". The conference is organised by Rye Museum and at least 60 academics and others interested in history are expected to attend.

Cashing in ‘without real experience’

Following her highly publicised trial and imprisonment, Vicky Pryce is coming to the arts festival to talk about the human and financial costs - and the impact on education and in finding employment - after release from prison. Heidi Foster does not believe it is right for her to be making money from her experience

No warning for coach

Traffic ground to a halt after a large National coach turned right through the Landgate only for the driver to realise he was not going to get through the High Street. Traffic had been diverted after roadworks in Cinque Ports Street blocked westbound traffic. The driver blamed his "satnav" but there is no signage warning that the road is impassable for very large vehicles.

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