Exit stage right at Wipers

Angelo Tristan at the Ypres Castle Inn

The 2016 ukulele festival in the garden at the Cinque Port Arms ,

A boiling hot day, vague country vistas in the distance, a changing array of musicians on the stage, people standing or sitting on the grass – it could be Glastonbury (with a bit of imagination), but actually it is the large garden of the Wipers (Rye’s Ypres Castle Inn, found down behind the castle).
It is a Bank Holiday weekend and a mini pop festival is under way, with a BBQ tucked in beside the stage, and a garden bar with ale and cider piped in under the garden from the pub .
But no more. New people are in charge and the stage will not be coming in the summer holidays this year. If the weather is good, though, the Sunday night gig may move into the garden, and the garden bar may be open too.
This Sunday June 10 features the Nightshift Trio from 5pm with Blues and Twos the following Sunday.
No Friday-night gigs are advertised on the pub’s website, though that door may still be open. But the open mike night on the first Tuesday of each month is continuing.
However as one venue changes, another opens. The Cinque Port Arms near the market place has changed management and it has a gig this Saturday June 9 at 2pm featuring Freak Flag. Think Jimi Hendrix, Cream etc for the kind of music to expect.
Whether they’ll be inside or out may depend on the weather. The Arms has seen a few outdoor events in recent years (including Christmas) and maybe more use could be made of the beer garden – such as was done for the 2016 ukulele festival.

Photos: Rye News Library


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