Freedom in lockdown

Remembering Summer by Colin Page

A poem of optimism by Marian Mason who was our featured artist last week

Wild strawberries ripen all over my garden,
I didn’t plant them, I’ll award them a stardom.
The raspberries too were a gift from the skies,
They entered my raised bed with stealth and surprise.

Now their red fruits, so tangy and juicy,
Enliven my taste buds, my saliva flows loosely.
The gooseberries too will soon make a fool,
Ben’s first solid food, much better than gruel.

The roses and vines climb over my arbour,
The bowerbird shows how he’s guarding my harbour.
The wren, little darling, piercely piping his trilling,
The robin in contest competes , it’s so thrilling.

As long as Sainsbury’s will deliver my food
I’ll survive in this lockdown and keep my good mood.
The government struggles to keep us afloat,
So let’s beat this virus and don’t rock the boat.
The beauty of nature and this Earth so sublime,
Will enthral me forever until it’s my time.

Photography on this page is by photographer and horticulturalist Colin Page. A past article and further images by Colin can be seen here Colin’s Art of Seeing.

Sandwich Terns at Rye Harbour
Saltmarsh, Colin Page
Bewick’s swan Colin Page

Image Credits: Colin Page .


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