Give it a Wurlitzer


The remaining four fund raising events for the rest of the year are more important to the Rye Wurlitzer Academy than ever before and they very much need to do what it states on the tin, to raise funds, as right now we really need them.

Michael Wooldridge leads the cavalcade

Following the loss of expected revenue planned in our budget earlier in the year, our budget for the year is in tatters and, unless there is a sudden dramatic improvement, for the rest of this year 2017 we will just continue giving tuition to those we already have rather than recruiting any new students, which is a great shame.

Please share this message or more importantly the event details to all of your friends and encourage them to come along so that we can achieve some good attendances to raise some much needed funds.

We may be down but we are certainly not out and we are very much looking forward to five of our entrants taking part in the ATOS UK Young Theatre Organist of the Year Competition in Solihull at the end of July.  What a great way to support them by listening to their performances at our special evening on July 14.

Venue: Milligan Theatre, The Grove, Rye, TN31 7NQ; Time 7.30pm; Book Now – call Richard 01424 444058

Editor’s note: ATOS  UK is affiliated to the American Theatre Organ Society


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