Godot has arrived!

Waiting For Godot

Theatre Nation in collaboration with the David Glass Ensemble are delighted to announce their cult production of  Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

Despite Covid setbacks, Theatre Nation invited internationally renowned theatre maestro David Glass to direct.

Inspired by Beckett’s words, “Fail. Fail Better”, Theatre Nation and David Glass Ensemble return Waiting for Godot to its searingly theatrical, edgy and hilarious roots. As the world stands shakily up after the seismic shifts of the past years, what better play to usher in this new age of ‘beautiful ridiculous desperation’.

Directed and designed by David Glass, the reimagining of “Waiting for Godot” will show that he is truly bridging 20th and 21st century theatre.

David Glass said, “Filled with beautiful, ridiculous broken life, I hope our ‘dance’ of Waiting for Godot will return the play to its roots of vaudeville, clown, and the powerful vulnerability of age. As we crawl out of pestilence and war I cannot think of a better play to lift our spirits and help us to laugh at the beautiful awfulness of it all as we wait for Godot”

David has performed, directed and taught in 74 countries. He is recognised as one of the world’s foremost theatre pioneers and creative leaders. During 45 years of making theatre he has influenced three generations of theatre makers.

Previous David Glass productions include the multi award winning Gormenghast & Bleak House. Pioneers and world class storytellers, Beckett and Glass were made for one another.

This promises to be a Beckett for our times – highly physical, gritty, very funny and performed by a cast of seasoned performers, steeped in the physical theatre and clowning traditions Beckett himself loved.

  • Patrick Kealey (Artistic Director, Theatre Nation; Founder, Group K);
  • François Testory (Lindsey Kemp Company, Arkham Kahn Company);
  • Henry Maynard (Artistic Director, Flabbergast Theatre; War Horse, National Theatre; Faeries, Royal Opera House)
  • Billy Clarke (Chronicles of Long Kesh, Edinburgh Fringe; As the Tide Ebbs, Lyric Theatre)
  • Jack Norris (National Youth Theatre; Drama St Mary’s; Requiem)

It will be anything but reverential. Entertainment for our time!

This Godot is a cult in the making. Be there at the beginning. Not to be missed!

“David Glass is  bold, unique and vital artist”, Mark Rylance, Actor

“David Glass is one of the world’s leading theatre pioneers“, John McGrath Artistic Director, Manchester International Festival

Patrick Kealey –  Estragon
Billy Clarke – Vladimir
François Testory – Lucky
Henry Maynard – Pozzo
Jack Norris –  The Boy

Directed & Designed by David Glass
Assistant Director – Elliot Pritchard
Assistant Stage Manager – Jack Norris

Waiting for Godot opens on Sunday, June 5 at Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, The Stables Theatre Hastings (June 7-11) and The Old Market Brighton (June 14/15).  Tickets are on sale now at www.theatrenation.org.

Image Credits: Theatre Nation .


  1. Is this stage production in French or English ? (I’m assuming English, mais………)

    I studied “Waiting for Godot” in Francais as part of my French “A” level course at Aylesbury Grammar School for Boys and I think Beckett was bi-lingual and produced the novel in both French, as well as English (?)

    I perhaps should have NOT studied Economics and taken English instead, as Waiting for Godot was on both the French AND English “A” level’s reading lists. It would have made my revision much easier, but hindsight “est une chose merveilleuse n’est-ce pas” ?

    So, en Anglais, ou French ? That est la quaestion !

    I also studied German “A” level with the French and Economics, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte !

    Vive la Reine !

    Jonathan Dellar (Nicht Mike).

    • I remember having to study “Waiting for Godot” for A Level English… It left me completely perplexed and wondering “What’s the point- nothing happens” (which, perhaps, WAS the point!)
      Good luck to the cast and crew, I hope you have a successful run!


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