Medieval conference gets closer


Reservations continue to come in for this year’s Medieval Conference:  “Conspicuous Consumption and Display in Late Medieval England.”

The topics are:

  • Prof. Chris Woolgar: Magnificence and the meal: elite dining in late medieval England
  • Dr Anne Sutton:  Costume and Dress’
  • Dr Jessica Lutkin:   The jewels and plate of the late medieval aristocracy: conspicuous consumption or sound investment?
  • Dr Dan Spencer:  Aristocratic Castle Building in the Later Middle Ages
  • Mrs Angela Clark:  Keeping up with the Joneses? Spiritual Privileges in Late Medieval England
  • Prof Michael Hicks:  Rank and Lineage in Stone and Parchment

The conference will be held  on October 22 in the Milligan Theatre, Rye College. There are places available and we could use a few more volunteers to help with refreshments and other conference matters. For more information, contact

Source: Rye Castle Museum

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