MONOCHROME-Cadmium opens

A piece by Keith Purser

Rye Art Gallery opened their new, exciting selling exhibition, MONOCHROME-Cadmium on Thursday, November 11, as well as showing pieces by different artists from the permanent collection.

Trustee Louise Simkiss-Day said: “Monochromatic painting became a way for artists to explore and provoke deeply personal experiences, investigating emotion and spirituality. The permanent collection at RAG holds many monochromatic pieces, some without reference to abstraction.”

Dominic Zwemmer’s charcoal paintings are an example of the personal feeling an artist can put in their paintings. He says: “I am inspired by wild places, wild seas and history, especially old tracks and atmospheric woodlands. I am drawn to the intriguing shapes of ancient trees and how they appear almost as human forms frozen in time”.

Paula MacArthur’s work focuses on crystals, jewels and the explorations of colour and light. Keith Purser collects objects lost on the beach, reusing and repurposing them so that the objects change their meaning. Keith’s compositions and use of colour are sharp and observant.

There are many more artists on display as well as beautiful sculptures from Bernard McGuigan. He uses the method of direct carving by hand into stone. An interesting, diverse and extraordinary exhibit in a lovely bright and spacious environment.

Open until January 9 2022, for any further information please go to: www.ryeartgallery, or phone 01797 222 433. You can also email: if you’re interested in specific art pieces.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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