New art at the Red Door

Tina Kaul, left, in front of her art gallery with Caroline Hellen
Beautiful designs for cushions, tea towels and cosmetic bags

Red Door Art Gallery in Cinque Ports Street celebrated the opening of a new art exhibition on Friday, May 10, which included jewellery made by Caroline Hellen, and some fun furniture and vibrant paintings by Tina Kaul, owner of the gallery.

Artwork from Tina Kaul

Tina said that although dependent on footfall, which is difficult in her location, she is pleased with her venture and is booked out to the end of the year. For further information, call 07848 449069.

Caroline Hellen’s jewellery

Caroline Hellen is a trained goldsmith and talented creative who specialises in bespoke jewellery pieces and sets. Local to Rye she is available for commissions as well as repairs and upgrades to existing pieces. She can be reached at 07539 958766.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster.


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