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geri cottingham

Geri had always enjoyed being artistic but never found the time to draw and paint whilst working and raising a family. However, four years ago she moved with her husband to Northiam because they wanted to change their work/life balance. This meant at long last she had the time and the space to paint and experiment with different mediums.
She dabbled in water colours and acrylics but soon found herself drawn to oils.

“I love colour and atmosphere which I try to bring to my paintings. I love that you can move the oil around with palette knives, brushes, or anything that comes to hand, its vibrancy and versatility. The wonderful countryside and seaside on the doorstep is all I need to inspire me. It fascinates me that the seas and skies change their colour so dramatically and many of my paintings attempt to capture this.”

Geri is completely self-taught and enjoys learning new techniques.

Her husband converted their garage at home to create a beautiful studio and that’s where you will find her whenever she gets the chance.

The many visitors who came to open studios commented that her paintings were evocative, soothing and had wonderful colour and light.

Karen Creed, a client and friend of Geri’s, commented, “You can always expect a diverse display of exceptional artwork from Geri. She has a keen eye and has produced a delightful oil painting of my springer spaniel. She presented me with a chalk portrait of myself; a risky thing some might say but I am delighted with it and we are still good friends.”

Caroline Metz, Geri’s sister, lives in the US and enjoys seeing Geri’s work on Instagram.
“I follow her art shows with pride and as a knowledgeable creative person. I’ve directed theatre productions and special events over the years. Just as in theatre, the painter improvises, improves and eventually produces the final product which is presented to the audience. It’s a one-woman show in this case.”

Image Credits: Kt bruce .


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