Barclays give in to protest

Rye Post Office - now you can withdraw your own money

Dear Sirs,


Having lost our local bank branches, we, like many other octogenarians with mobility problems, were very distressed when Barclays announced they were cancelling our rights to withdraw our own money from our bank accounts via the Post Office. We could put our money in but not draw it out! I wrote to Age UK and begged them to take issue with Barclays on behalf of all the elderly and disabled people who rely on the Post Office to withdraw cash from their Barclays bank account. This is the reply I have received today from Age UK:

“I can certainly appreciate your concerns towards Barclays closing their Post Office cash withdrawal service.  I am delighted to advise you that Barclays have reversed their decision, meaning that customers can continue to withdraw money from the Post Office network.  I hope this news is of great relief to you both.”

Thank you, Age UK and thank you Barclays Bank for responding to our dilemma. I am sure all your readers will be pleased to hear this good news.

(Mrs) Ann Rachlin MBE

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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