A play on words

A novel way to get a serious message across, as spotted in The Mint Arcade.

Everywhere you look at the moment you see signs appearing and changing regularly as the Covid-19 pandemic runs its course. Wash you hands, wear a face covering, keep your distance, not more than two in the shop at once please. Now familiar statements and messages which are fast becoming part of our everyday life and seen across the world.

Always something unusual in the window

Some of these messages are emblazoned in neon lights, articles in the press taking whole pages, social media messages on our phones and computers, on the sides of buses, and on the TV and radio, but for one business in Rye the choice has been a more subtle approach and if you look in the window of the Mint Arcade on the Mint in Rye you will see not only an interesting selection of pictures but in amongst the artwork a message.

Formed from Scrabble pieces, the message reads “Think of the vulnerable and please wear a face covering”.  If we all follow this sound advice, the safer we will be as a result.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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