A window of opportunity

This shop may be closed but the window display makes interesting reading

Rye Community Shop is one of the many shops still unable to open, and a notice in the window from the Trustees (see photograph below) explains the reasons why. The safety of both customers and the volunteer staff has to be a priority.

Keeping staff and customers safe is the top priority.

Rye Community Shop was set up in 2016, selling upcycled clothes and household items to raise money to support local causes, and their work should not be underestimated as to date they have raised and distributed over £85,000 to a wide variety of deserving causes (as shown below), a fantastic achievement by Kate Sims and her team.

Worthy causes who have benefited to date
More recipients
And more……

Frustratingly the shop is unable to function at the moment, but not all is lost for they have utilised their shop window to showcase all the good causes they have helped and the amounts awarded to each group.

The list shows a strong emphasis on helping other community groups and charities, and those working with children, and those helped are not just in Rye, but also in around a dozen nearby villages. A further message reads:

“It is now time for the existing Trustees to step down and, if the shop is to continue, new Trustees need to be appointed to take the shop forward. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or would like further information please contact Kate Sims at kate2sims@aol.com.”


Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. I would like to thank the outgoing trustees immensely for all their hard work. Being involved in one of the many charities to have benefitted from an amazing grant towards to refurbishment of our changing facilities we really can’t thank the team enough.

    PO (SCC) Phil Whiteman
    Officer in Charge
    Rye Sea and Royal Marines Cadets

  2. On behalf of ENCOMPASS CARE (RYE) C.I.C. I would also like to thank the outgoing Trustees and their Team for their very hard work and the amazing contribution that the grants have made to all local groups.
    ENCOMPASS CARE has benefitted from this generosity, helping us to purchase our first Mini bus . Thank you and keep safe.
    Irna Mortlock


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