Artists auction at Borough Arms

A picture by Polly Horner which is up for auction

This coming Sunday, March 1, at Old Borough Arms there will be an auction of local artists’ work, commencing at 6pm, and a raffle to help support an ex-Rye resident Kerry Sherwood who is facing the possibility of homelessness.

She attended Freda Gardham Primary School and has many friends in Rye. Money raised will be used to keep her out of a hostel and the rest will go to MIND, the mental health charity.

Artists such as James Tomlinson, Carrie Warrior, Matt Hardman, Polly Horner, Dave Smith, Georgie Watson, Daryl Balcombe and Jane Beecham have all donated their artwork

The backdrop is that Kerry has fought her entire adult life to keep a roof over her and her three children’s heads. She works as a dementia carer and worked overtime through Christmas. Unfortunately, this resulted in her housing benefit being taken away, that then resulted in rent arrears, and has now resulted in her being evicted.

Her only option now (she’s tried everything) is a hostel. However, because her children are teenagers they will be separated. She and her daughter going one way and the two boys going another.

Like many she is beyond desperate, a good person in a bad situation. She asked close friend and Rye resident Amy Thorndike for help who came up with the idea. Kerry had started a Go Fund Me page (much to her embarrassment) and Amy shared that, and things took off from there.

Amy and friends thought maybe a raffle and a bar to raise money and Sarah Warry kindly said it could be held at the Old Borough Arms with the profits going to Kerry. It was then that it was suggested about donating art, with the idea of also raising money for Mind as it’s a recognised mental health charity and people may prefer to donate to a “charity”.

Another work in the auction – this one by Jane Beecham

It’s all happening quickly as she is being evicted on March 6. So the plan is to donate a proportion of the money to keep Kerry out of a hostel and the rest of the money will be donated to Mind.

Amy said: “People’s kindness has floored me, I just want to help my school friend who has nobody. She now has hope and I in turn have restored my faith in human kindness”

Amy continues : “The lack of support for mental health issues is becoming more and more apparent. There just aren’t the resources available and so many people are falling under the radar. Kerry is one of these people, and will be probably finding herself homeless very soon. She is at rock bottom.

“We as a town are very supportive and this has been shown by how many people are getting involved with our art auction in aid of my friend and for mental health. They say no one person can change the world but what if a little group of people can change one person’s world? It’s a start, that’s for sure.”

Kerry set up a Go Fund Me page which you can access here

Image Credits: Amy Thorndike .


  1. What a fantastic evening. Around £1500 raised so that Kerry can reach her target and the remainder going to MIND. Thanks so much to all those who attended, bought, drank, and bought some more. It shows what a great town Rye is and also thanks to Rye News for enabling the cause to be brought to the attention of more people, some of whom donated having read the above article


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