Collision on the cobbles

A vehicle on Mermaid Street is badly damaged in a collision

On Wednesday morning, February 26, the white hatchback featured was parked adjacent to Jeake’s House in Mermaid Street. The street was unusually busy with a lot of extra traffic which had been diverted to avoid the road closure at the Landgate. The High Street was closed which meant delivery drivers had to find an alternative route around the centre of the town.

Damage to the rear of the vehicle is also extensive.

Details are sketchy but according to a witness, the stationary and unoccupied vehicle was hit at speed by a larger vehicle which was reversing down Mermaid Street from the Boys Club, crumpling the rear of the vehicle. The impact pushed the car further down the hill which resulted in significant frontal damage as it hit railings and steps as shown in the photograph. We are told there was nobody in the car when the incident occurred.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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