As one road closes …

The Landgate gets abruptly closed to sort out a power cut

Ash Wednesday this week saw the start of Lent, leading up to Easter, and yet another road closure shown above – unplanned this time – along with a possible planned closure off Rye’s High Street, and further consultations about the now postponed roadworks affecting Rye Hill and adjacent roads.

Last week the Rye News report on how planned roadworks (now postponed) on Rye Hill and adjacent roads involved diversions first around Houghton Green Lane and then out to Appledore received a string of comments which readers will find at the end of the published story.

Emergency repairs start by the Landgate

However this week’s unplanned closure of the Landgate (pictured above) may well be over by the time Rye News publishes as workmen from UK Power Networks quickly tackled on Wednesday a power failure to a house nearby.

Rye News was told on Monday, February 24, however by Paul Osborne, on behalf of Playden Parish Council, that the proposed gas works in Rye Hill had been cancelled as East Sussex County Council (ESCC) had revoked gas company SGN’s licence for the road works.

This was also reported to Monday night’s Rye Town Council planning committee as town councillor Pat Hughes had asked the committee to consider the planned works.

Pat, who has been raising concerns about these proposed works on behalf of Rye and District Community Transport since last November, also commented at length on last week’s Rye News “Five weeks of chaos” story.

So, by the end of last week, a number of bodies and individuals including neighbouring parish councils, the town council, and both local members of Parliament were all putting pressure on the county council to reconsider its decision on allowing these roadworks as currently proposed.

At the same time however ESCC issued a public notice on Friday saying that Rye’s Lion Street would be closed, with two-way traffic in East Street and Market Street, on February 24 and 25 or at some time in the next 18 months.

A sign vanishes – for the time being

The notice said the closure was to allow for the safe erection of scaffolding (not its removal) and work has continued on erecting the framework for a very large temporary roof over the top of The George hotel, severely damaged in a fire last summer.

When, and how much, scaffolding can be removed from Lion Street or the High Street remains uncertain. However the large sign advertising the five weeks of gas works by Ferry Road level crossing in Rye has gone – for now.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , John Minter .


  1. It makes sense not to close arterial roads in the winter, this will probably come back to bite the protesters, the necessity of the work hasn’t gone away.
    Knowing the way things appear to work in this town it’ll probably be rescheduled for the better weather when the roads are busier.
    Another excuse as to why people don’t visit the town, may I suggest the work is either done at Easter or even better the first two weeks in August, obviously I’m joking but wouldn’t be at all surprised.
    Let’s hope the gas doesn’t turn into an emergency repair without any notice.


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