Call to “turbo-charge our economy”

Sally-Ann Hart

The local MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally-Ann Hart, has said that “now is the time for us all to play our part in turbo-charging our local economy once again.”

Responding to the announcement from the prime minister that more businesses will be able to reopen on Saturday, July 4, Sally-Ann had this to say, “I am so pleased that the prime minister has given the green light for more businesses to re-open. We are particularly dependent on the tourism and hospitality sectors here in Hastings and Rye, so this news is very welcome indeed.”

The prime minister announced on Tuesday that the government’s five tests on tackling coronavirus were continuing to be met and that more easing of the lockdown measures could take place. These measures apply only in England, and include the reopening of restaurants, pubs, theme parks, hairdressers, cinemas, outdoor play areas and many other establishments.

In addition to this, the prime minister also announced changes in the guidance on social distancing. Wherever possible everyone should maintain the two metre distance, but where this can’t be done, a one metre plus measure will be in place. This means, as long as mitigation steps are taken, people can reduce their social distance to only one metre.

A further measure to be eased is the contact with people from outside your household. People will be able to continue meeting in any outdoor space in a group of up to six people from different households, and single adult households – in other words adults who live alone or with dependent children only – can continue to form an exclusive ‘support bubble’ with one other household.

And from July 4, you can also meet in a group of two households (including your support bubble), in any location- public or private, indoors or outdoors. This does not need to be the same household each time.

“The economic support that the government provided at the outset of this pandemic was unprecedented”, she said. “Support was given to businesses and employees to get through the worst of the health crisis. Now that we have got the virus under control, we must open up our local economy again and get it firing on all cylinders.

“This also means finding our collective confidence again to hit the high streets, visit local attractions and get out to the pubs and restaurants we have all missed. Together we have got control of the virus and together we can reboot out economy and come out of this pandemic stronger,” said Sally-Ann.

Source: Press release from the office of Sally-Ann Hart

Image Credits: UK Parliament


  1. It is incredible to read this. Either the right honourable MP from our area is ill informed or just spouting government talking points, because she is a newly elected parliamentarian and needs to remain a loyalist at any price. We have decidedly not “got control of the virus” and it is a lie to convey this. Yes, we need to restart the economy but we also need to do it safely. Requiring masks to be worn outside of your home would help if we are to only stay 1 metre apart. But the Government has resisted this and I have not heard our MP to be urging us to do so. It is a myth to say we will emerge stronger from this pandemic. What a horrible thing to write. Thousands of people have died, thousands more have had delayed treatment and diagnostic work that may cost many of them their lives, we have treated our European neighbours and our closest trading partners with contempt post
    Brexit, the government lacks a coherent pandemic education policy and thousands of school-aged children are left in extremely worrisome positions with few resources. I would rather hear from our MP a balanced critique of government actions and the work that needs to be done than a cheerleader.

  2. Sadly Sally-Ann has taken her election to mean she has to be 100% loyal to the Johnson/ Cummings leadership, rather than using her undoubted professional judgement.
    As an example this week, she joined the other 330 conservative MPs voting against a proposal to test all front line health workers.

  3. Perhaps Professor Camic is commenting on a different article.

    The virus is decidedly not beaten, but is under control sufficiently for some easing of the lockdown.

    There is comprehensive guidance on line:,on%20and%20taking%20them%20off.
    ‘Staying safe outside your home’

    Point 8. “You must wear a face covering at all times on public transport or when attending a hospital as a visitor or outpatient. Hospitals will be able to provide a face covering in emergencies. If you can, you should also wear a face covering in other enclosed public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. This is most relevant for short periods indoors in crowded areas. You should be prepared to remove your face covering if asked to do so by police officers and staff for the purposes of identification.”

    That seems clear to me. It is also clear that emerging from a huge challenge, one that has required unparalleled co-operation (for recent times) ought to make us all stronger and perhaps alter the way we do business and conduct ourselves.

  4. Unfortunately this reads like a copy and paste of some ‘oven ready’ government propaganda. As the events in Camber, Bournemouth etc over the past week have demonstrated, there are far too many irresponsible people who will put their own selfish interests ahead of the general good. The decision to lift restrictions was entirely based on economics and too many are flouting social distancing rules to make this a safe course of action yet.

  5. Is our MP now using the same blustering vacuous speeches as the PM? Phrases like ‘ turbo charge’ ‘reboot’ ‘firing on all cylinders’. I’m waiting for ‘unleash’,,one of Johnson’s favourite terms.

  6. Professor Camic, was in my view, mistaken in suggesting that the government had not supported wearing masks. I copied and pasted Point 8 of ‘Staying safe outside your home’ to correct that.

    If the complaint is that the government is wrong to rely on the common sense of the majority rather than impose Draconian restrictions on all, then those in favour of totalitarian measures should say so – plainly. Likewise those who believe the economy can be closed even longer, need to explain why, how long and who will pay. Regurgitating anti Johnson slogans from the referendum, Tory leadership, General Election campaigns is political point scoring, that in these circumstances is fatuous.


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