Council recycling rubbish


As the switch in rubbish collection times draws nearer, people still queued to question Rother District Council staff about the changes at a special information session at Rye Library.

In Rye, the changes vary depending on whether you live in the older citadel part of town, or newer areas. Citadel residents put their rubbish and recycling into black, red and blue bags while those in newer homes have had, until now, two or three wheelie bins and two plastic boxes. The changes also affect collection times, what can be recycled, and which bins, boxes or bags it goes in. Rye residents should have received a letter, two calendars and a 16-page leaflet explaining the changes. More information can be obtained from the council’s website or by ringing 0843 1047788.

These are some of the main changes:

  • All recycling goes into either the green wheeled bin or mixed together in red or blue bags – to be replaced in time by pink bags. Weekly bag collections will continue in the citadel, as will fortnightly collections elsewhere of (black bin) waste or (green bin) recycling. Collection days may change, or stay the same. Check the calendar sent to you by RDC.
  • Garden waste (brown bins) will be collected on different days. See Rother’s other calendar. If you haven’t paid for a brown bin, or received it, garden waste goes to household recycling centres. Previously only plastic bottles could be recycled. Now you can also recycle plastic drink cartons, food pots, tubs and trays, film and bags. Glass bottles and jars can now be recycled in a recycling box or bag. If you don’t live in the citadel you will now have a spare box and lid, which you can keep or return to your local household waste recycling centre.
  • Textiles and batteries for recycling should be put in clear labelled bags with your other recycling. Waste and recycling arrangements may differ if you live in a flat or have shared recycling services. Plastic windows no long need to be removed from envelopes, but plastic wrappers or liners need to be separated from paper or cardboard… and lids still need to be taken off plastic bottles.
  • If you cannot get all your rubbish into your black wheeled bin, it will not be collected. But extra bins, bags or boxes may be supplied if you have too much recycling.