Deadmans Lane closure foiled

Pedestrian problems in Deadmans Lane

For a week or two there have been rumours that Deadmans Lane – the narrow potholed lane that is, nevertheless, one of the main arteries into Rye – was to be closed for a period of, some said two weeks, others just one week.

Rye News has finally discovered, thanks to information provided by Cllr Keith Glazier, Rye’s representative on ESCC and current leader of the council, that the culprit is BT which thought it could dig up the road without asking anyone if it was convenient.

Cllr Glazier explains:

“It turns out this closure is down to BT which has attempted to carry out work on its  apparatus without applying for the requisite permit. Hence we had no knowledge of these works. BT claims these were emergency works to restore service to a customer, however the customer concerned has never received a service from BT so this is actually a new connection, for which a permit is required. We have stopped the works being undertaken and BT will have to apply for a road closure and permit. It is still saying it needs a two-week closure but we will challenge this as it seems excessive”.

So the mystery is solved and an attempt to slow down a key access route to the town in the middle of the tourist season has, for the moment at least, been foiled.

Whilst we are grateful for Cllr Glazier’s help in sorting this out, he has been somewhat more reticent on the future of Deadmans Lane. Despite being asked by this writer on more than one occasion for a statement on upgrading the road by widening to provide a pavement for pedestrians as well as resurfacing – improvements asked for by many Rye residents – he has declined to make any comment to date.

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia .


  1. Didn’t BT spend hundreds of millions of pounds over many years saying ‘it’s good to talk’? Seems they don’t think it is!

  2. The planning officer’s report which resulted in planning approval being granted in 2016 for the new dwelling says that ‘local residents have also stated that Deadmans Lane needs a continual pavement …. However, this is not a matter that concerns this application for a single dwelling.’ ESCC Highways had ‘no major concerns regarding the proposal.’ So it seems that providing a dwelling can be safely accessed by car – according to Rother DC and ESCC at least – there is no planning requirement to make it safely accessible to pedestrians. And here I am thinking that government wants to encourage more walking and cycling and reduce personal car usage. Madness.

  3. The sun never set on the British Empire because we didn’t bow to the la passeggiata and the treachery of pavements, which are for trottoir-obsessed Brussels bureaucrats and boulavardiers! Didn’t Gary Moore sing about ‘Parisian Walkways’? Enough said! This country has descended into utter madness!

  4. Describing Deadman’s lane as a main artery into Rye somewhat surprises me, from the corner of Love Lane to the top of Ropewalk is at best a single track because of the parking and adds to what is already a congested area of Rye.
    In a lot of towns Deadman’s Lane would be a rat run.
    Who ever decided it is better to route the coaches via Ropewalk and Cinque Ports Street obviously has a sense of humour, if ever a town needs a park and ride its Rye.
    Close the High Street to traffic in the day time, possibly between 10 and 6 would make visiting Rye a much more enjoyable experience but would be a problem for traders who would have to find somewhere else to park.

  5. One must agree with Tony Edward’s, this being used as the main artery into Rye is a joke, especially when some of us have encountered some of these new residents, breaking the law,and sneaking onto Rye hill, a serious problem that needs addressing, before their is a serious accident,on this rat run .

    • I wonder how John knows it is ‘new residents, breaking the law’? As one of these new residents I can say it is not. We frequently observe people turning round in our driveway and then going the wrong way up the lane. Please try and get your facts straight before casting aspersions.

      It is high time the lane is made access only anyway. It is ridiculous that such a narrow road, so close to two schools, is allowed to be used as a rat run.

  6. None of us that live in the new dwellings sneak onto Rye Hill , delivery drivers may do and there are many cars that turn on our drives and drive out the wrong way .


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