WW1 airfield remembered

The commemoration stone

To commemorate the first world war airfield (1916-19) on farmland to the east of Rye in East Guldeford Parish, Rye and District Royal British Legion (RBL) has installed a stone memorial with a plaque provided by the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust at the side of a lay-by on the Camber Road (see the orange circle on the map below). It overlooks the site. The airfield was used for training and to deploy home-defence aircraft to counter the German airship threat.

It is now planned to formally dedicate and “unveil” the stone on Wednesday,  September 4 at 6:30pm. Rye RBL will coordinate the dedication to include some words about the memorial, a short dedication and then unveiling.

Some background is in this Rye News article.

Donors and interested parties are invited to attend or send representation.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber .


  1. Pity the memorial can hardly be seen because of the fruit stall on the same corner, and which has on several occasions that I’ve seen, has had tarpaulin partially over the memorial!


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