Drivers cause ‘carmageddon’

Clueless - a comment on motorists in Camber

The trade association for the parking sector (BPA, the British Parking Association) is urging the public to respect others and think first when making travel plans to prevent a repeat of the recent widespread disregard for social distancing and public safety at tourist destinations across the UK – including Camber.

Media reports of hordes of visitors descending on England’s beaches last week captured the scale and impact of the antisocial behaviour, including cars dumped at roadsides, thoughtlessly blocking access for emergency vehicles and wheelchair users, with littering at unprecedented levels across beauty spots.

BPA believes tougher action is needed to deal with those responsible for the worst of the ‘lawless’ behaviour and contributors to ‘carmageddon’ who cause huge problems for residents and businesses on seaside roads and in our coastal communities.

Local authority parking enforcement teams have become increasingly frustrated by the apparent ineffectiveness of the penalties they use to tackle the worst offenders, which, outside London, have remained unchanged for more than 20 years.

Such was the strength of feeling, there was an outpouring of support across social media for the thousands of parking professionals working in key frontline roles, keeping our roads and streets clear and safe to use.

Members of the public worst affected by the behaviour took to Twitter to vent their frustrations to call for more to be done:

“Today was the worst I’ve ever seen it. Pavements were blocked both sides of the road.”

“People parking on roundabouts, yellow lines, blocking residents’ driveways & leaving tons of rubbish behind and verbally abusing & spitting at the people trying to clean up after them.”

“The fines need to much higher. One resident told me one driver said they didn’t care about the fine as they divided between four.”

As communities start to welcome back visitors, shoppers and holiday makers during the summer season, the parking sector, both public and private, believe everyone needs to play their part by only parking where it is safe and legal to do so, ensuring streets, roads and communities are safe, clear for access, and can be enjoyed by all.

Source: British Parking Association press release

Image Credits: Alan Wilmott .


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