Environmental debate hots up

The XR stall at the top of Conduit Hill

On a baking hot Friday morning (July 5), members of international and local climate change action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) opened a stall at the top of Conduit Hill to highlight the problems facing the world and to promote a public talk on these issues.

The stall was busy and overall feedback and interaction was very positive. Many people shared their concerns and talked about steps they had taken themselves to try to help, such as planting trees, cutting down on meat consumption and campaigning against the use of plastic. There were a few dissenters of course, who explained that they didn’t care about climate change, that it was too late to do anything and that humankind was doomed anyway. Cockroaches might survive perhaps.

Apart from that though, it was a very positive experience for members of XR. Many local people expressed interest in coming to the free public meeting at the George on Monday July 15, from 7pm until 9:15pm where climate change issues and potential actions will be discussed. Visitors to the town also engaged and were encouraged to join their local groups. XR isn’t all about gluing yourself to railings, occupying bridges and getting arrested. There are plenty of activities, local, national and international to suit all kind of people.

To find out more about XR Rye, the talk on July 15  and to register, please visit the Facebook page. It would be helpful to the organisers if people could sign up (free) if they plan to attend. But if that isn’t possible, all are welcome to come anyway!

Image Credits: Seana Lanigan .


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