Hairy moment for lifeguards

The lifeguards with the delinquent dog

Camber lifeguards were recently alerted to a dog in trouble at 11am by a member of the public who saw the dog stranded on a sandbar at the entrance to Rye Harbour. The dog had spotted a seagull and dashed off after it and into the harbour.

The dog is coaxed aboard

Lifeguards Georgia Landy and Laurence Petit responded immediately with Laurence launching his board and coaxing the dog onto it. From there, the pair were able to make their way safely back to shore.

Laurence said, “We were very happy to be able to reunite dog and his owner. We know how much a pet is part of the family and if we can stop a person entering the water and getting into trouble, that’s time well spent for us. The owner was very grateful and thanked us for our help.

“If you do spot an animal in trouble, please alert your nearest lifeguards or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard rather than trying to rescue them yourself.”

Image Credits: RNLI/Dominic Richard .


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