Even more industrial action

ASLEF may have come to an agreement, but RMT have not

Yet another two days of industrial action have been announced by the RMT union affecting Southern Railways services next week, on Tuesday and Thursday October 3 and 5. As on previous such occasions, we will lose the Rye shuttles but the bus replacement service should operate.

This may not provide much comfort but, now, passengers and staff on other train lines are joining in the same debate, objecting to the downgrading of the role of the guard on board trains, there to protect passengers – these include MerseyRail and Greater Anglia.

Although not a precisely equivalent situation, you may be interested to read about the sort of incident that guards are there to protect passengers from.


  1. just to update Stuart they no longer run buses to replace Rye shuttles. They have bus on standby in case any services are cancelled. This is what happened on last two day strike.

    As always check with Southern either on Web or using their app before they travel.

    Maybe Stuart has heard what is happening about May 2018 timetable changes.

    Southern has proposed splitting services at Hastings which is going to cause all peak services to start 10 min later in morning and 10 mins later in evening. Thus making new timetabe totally unworkable for Rye commuter’s going to London via HS1 or Charing Cross services.

    I know a proposal was put forward by local MPs to split service at Eastbourne instead of Hastings but I am being told this has been rejected by Southern.

    Maybe Stuart can use his Amber Rudd connections to find out what is going on.

  2. Driver-only trains?
    Everyone still ignores the disabled. Who sets out the ramps?
    Everyone is still ignoring the not uncommon incidents of harassment or medical crisis. Who attempts to intervene? Who calls the emergency services?
    Everyone is still ignoring the unfortunate passenger who has a) boarded the wrong train b) missed their connection
    Everyone, as per our morally moribund neo-liberal nation, is still ignoring humanity.

    And all to save how many tiny millions of pounds for the non-uk shareholders who are earning many thousands of euros or dollars or yens or cowrie shells in dividends?
    It’s time the punters, the clients, the passengers, the victims actually themselves joined the battle. They’re the ones, losing now, who will continue to lose in the end. Sit down on the railway lines (avoiding the third rail) and make the government do something.

  3. Time to realise there will always be problems on this line, tear it up if they are not going to invest millions on it, and put a road in its place, with buses running every hour, too Hastings and Ashford, will solve the problems on the antiquated A259, and give peace to a lot of Rye residents, living besides it.


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