Fire in lift shaft

Fire engines in attendance at Freedom Leisure centre off The Grove on Monday evening.

Monday evening, August 24 started off just the same as any another until around 7:15 pm when there was the sound of distant sirens getting closer all the time. Minutes later fire engines were quickly on the move heading along Rope Walk towards The Grove.

The alarm had been raised and three fire tenders sped past on their way to a fire which started in the disabled access lift at the Freedom Leisure centre.

On Tuesday, August 25 East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service issued the following report:

“At 19:05, we were called to attend a fire in a leisure centre on The Grove, Rye.  Crews from Rye, Broad Oak and The Ridge attended.  Crews used two breathing apparatus and 1 in 7 foam to extinguish a fire in the bottom of a lift shaft.  Crews also used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke.”

By 8:30pm the fire engines were starting to leave the scene, and thankfully nobody was injured.

Image Credits: Simon Crumpler .


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