Flower farm starts up

Spring flowers

Debbie Chalet and her husband Martin moved to Iden in July last year after living in London all their lives, but were regular visitors to Rye, and they wanted a property that had character but, most importantly, had the opportunity for them to expand their hobbies of woodwork and flowers.

So, ideally one with a good sized garden plus some land to start a flower farm and try their hand at vegetable growing too. Living the dream you might say!

Park Farm in Iden has provided that opportunity and a business has been started up to sell the flowers being grown – and is offering the chance for local people to get flowers in buckets or bunches with gift wrap – plus local businesses are being approached to adorn their premises with flowers as they open up to the public once Covid-19 restrictions lift. Exciting times

Debbie said ”Flowers have always given me pleasure and I love passing that on to others. Their scent is uplifting as well as their colour and form”

The 3,000 bulbs planted last autumn have been on show these last few weeks and many traditional British flowers, all grown from seed, are going in the raised beds for sale over the summer and early autumn – with cornflowers , stocks , dahlias , cosmos , zinnias and corncockles to mention just a few.

Image Credits: Debbie Chalet .


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