Good Samaritans at Camber accident


Lewis Cutting and Poppy Bates were chatting in the car park at Camber on Wednesday January 4 when they witnessed a car being flipped over by the wind and cascading into a farmer’s field. Without thinking about anyone but the those in the car, they raced to the scene and scrambled down the steep ditch at the roadside. The occupants of the car, a family of four with two young children, were trapped. Lewis smashed the window and got the baby out first, followed by the young child. Poppy kept the children safe and comforted them till the emergency services arrived.

Tj Knight and her partner Dan Colliss were travelling back home to Essex from Park Dean, Camber on Wednesday evening when the freak accident happened. They had been holidaying at Park Dean for Christmas and New Year and had packed the car to the brim ready to return home.

A very lucky family

Tj Knight, mother of the two little ones commented today, Saturday January 7: “Although I am not quite ready to talk about it face-to-face or go into detail right now, as we are still trying to process and mentally recover, I need to shout it from the roof tops of how blessed and eternally grateful and thankful we are right now and forever to Poppy Bates, Lewis Cutting, Damon Mucklow and delivery driver Richard for racing over and down the fifteen foot bank to help get the jammed door open. If you had not been there, not only would we have not been able to get out but would have not been noticed down there till daylight. Poppy, a big thank you again, for taking the kids from me and getting them to safety and then continuing to comfort them and us and sharing your sugar sweets to help with the shock. You went above and beyond by coming and checking in on us in the hospital the next morning. To PC Daniel and traffic police officer Demi for your wonderful help, support, comfort and care to us all.

“Thank you for the concern and understanding of farmer Matt in whose field we landed. To both paramedics crews for your wonderful care, comfort and concern, especially in the handling of the situation with the children. To the best hospital and staff I have ever come across at Hastings Conquest Hospital. Tristan and Christine, all 20+ trauma team, all the paediatricians, the A&E department, the X-ray department, the CT scan department, everyone on Kipling children’s ward and anyone else I may have missed – everyone was absolutely amazing. Huge thank you to my mum and brother for turning around and coming back after already leaving, for comforting us and keeping the kids warm. Thank you for staying with the police after we had left in the ambulances to finish up and clear the most of our belongings and then returning for the rest in daylight, for dealing with the recovery of the car while we were all still at the hospital. My absolute superstar rock of a niece who calmed, supported, and comforted both kids when we couldn’t. And to the powers that be and for those that watch over us…”

Indeed, the family’s guardian angel was certainly on duty.


Image Credits: The Knight family .

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  1. What an horrendous, freak accident, thank goodness for the Good Samaritans. Wishing you all a speedy recovery from such a traumatic experience.

  2. What a heartwarming story of a great local response to a potentially devastating situation. Hope the Good Samaritans and Dan, Tj and the children are all OK. And thanks, Kt and Rye News, for your great reporting!

  3. This literally brought tears to my eyes; the selfless actions of those who rushed to help and the gratitude of the mum’s words. Proud of our wonderful local communities who are always there when needed.

  4. An incredible example of how nature plays a strong part in our lives.
    But, one that ended with everyone getting out alive thanks to the immediate action of locals and the farmer.
    With all we currently hear and read about the extreme pressure on emergency services, the response here was exemplary as was the care and attention at the Conquest.
    Here’s hoping the family gradually come to terms with and recover from the trauma of their experience.


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