Jempson’s support plastic clear-up

Dominic Plomer-Roberts presenting a cheque of £100 to Andy Dinsdale

Strandliners CIC (Community Interest Company) is delighted to announce a recent financial award from the Jempson Foundation to support the group’s efforts to clear local beaches and riverbanks of toxic plastics and other marine waste. On Monday, June 17, Dominic Plomer-Roberts from Jempson’s in Peasmarsh handed a cheque of £100 to Andy Dinsdale, principal director of Strandliners. Andy said:” We are thrilled to receive this award. It shows how a community can get together to meet a critical challenge fighting marine waste. Strandliners is most grateful to the Foundation for its generous support.

Strandliners local volunteers were out in force along the banks of the River Rother

The recently incorporated organisation is finding encouragement from other quarters too. Sea Changers, a charity that funds grass roots marine conservation projects in the UK, announced on the same day, Monday 17, that Strandliners is among the successful applicants in the charity’s annual round of giving. The monies received are earmarked for a soon to be launched community education programme. To find out more about Strandliners’ marine conservation work or volunteer at one of the beach cleans, email:


Image Credits: Andrew Dinsdale .


  1. What hypocrites. Take a look at the fruit stand in the Jempsons Rye store. Braeburn apples at £1.75 KG loose. But a plastic covered polystyrene tray 4 apple pack (weighing about 0.8Kg) is £2.50. IE you are paying around a £1 for a piece of shrink fitted plastic and a polystyrene tray. Same deal as for the French Golden delicious add on about £1 for a piece of plastic and a polystyrene tray.
    So get ripped off and have yet more plastic to pollute the environment.

  2. Mr Arkley’s comments seem a bit harsh on Jempsons. Most stores are criticised – in my view rightly – for often charging more for loose produce than that wrapped in plastic i.e. penalising those of us trying to minimise consumption of unnecessary packaging. Here it sounds like Jempsons are doing the opposite and charging extra to whoever chooses plastic wrap. If so, bravo! I’ve been pleased recently to discover that Morrison have paper bags for loose veg and indeed sell cucumbers sans pointless plastic covering. I know… I need to get out more.

  3. Seen any paper bags for loose veg in Jempsons lately? Nah thought not. Does anybody really think Jempsons have taken on a role as social engineers in order NOT sell something?
    Does anybody think that prepacked fruit will sit there as a deterrent and NOT be sold? However lets suppose the ruse works and little prepacked fruit is sold. What happens to the plastic wrap when the fruit goes rotten then? You got it. It will end up in landfill or for the ‘un-engineered’ few that buy the packs, it will end up on Camber beach when the party is over.
    Dumb thinking. It is prepacked for the likes of those short of time. The party goers bound for Pontins and surrounding holiday sites that flood in on over the holiday period. The busy, and those who shop in a convenient manner or a hurry.
    At the end of the day Jempsons will do what ever it takes to make money. The £100.00 donation is a smoke screen and a panacea for the gullible.
    Lets be sure plastic is BAD for the environment in any form and the sooner the supermarkets get that message the better.

    [Note. This comment has been slightly edited to meet our guidelines]


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