Knitting for Syria

A previous yard sale in Cyprus Place

St Mary’s Knitting Group is determined not to let the pandemic curtail its efforts for Samara’s Aid Appeal. Indeed, the recent heatwave was more of a deterrent than the endless weeks of solitary confinement for most of the members, during which knitting needles worked quicker than ever, making bedrunners for elderly patients in the Macdonald Ward at Conquest Hospital and filling three large boxes of double-size blankets and sweaters that went to London for Knit for Peace charities in UK and abroad.

However the prime aim of the group is to support Samara’s Aid Appeal the Brighton based charity that supports refugees and others affected by the ongoing war in Syria.

Initially, it was possible to send knitted goods, dignity bags, etc. but this door has been closed, so the focus in recent years has been to support the building of the Grace Hospital, a cause which has been supported by Churches Together in Rye. Since our last meeting as a group in March, two founder members of our group – Janet Waddams and Frances Filmer – have passed away and, as they were both great supporters of Samara’s Aid, with them in mind the group has been working harder than ever to make things that can be sold.

Make your toilet great again

Vanessa Savia continues to sell knitted toys and the famous pink pussy hats in her Lion Street store to raise funds for Syria, but an opportunity has arisen to offer our wares to the community, thanks to Janet Stott who has organised a yard sale at Cyprus Place this coming Saturday, September 5 from 10:30am until 3pm –weather permitting.

She and her friends will be raising funds for the Food Bank, but she has kindly agreed to let us set up a stall. As well as toys (including prehistoric monsters) there will be hand-knitted sweaters and other knitted items, as well as bric-a- brac.  All money raised from the knitting stall will go towards building the Syrian hospital. It is hoped there will be a good turnout to support two good causes – one local and one abroad.

There will also be a silent auction for an essential item that every house needs – a Donald Trump toilet brush.  Get ready to bid.

Image Credits: Janet Stott , Sandra Lanigan .


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