Lifeguards wind down

Lifeguards in stormy weather

As the 2019 busy beach-going season comes to a close, the RNLI Lifeguards in East Sussex would like to thank the public for the fantastic donations and support that they have received.

The warm weather brought thousands of visitors to the beaches and this kept the lifeguards at full alert. A good lifeguard rarely gets wet because 95% of her/his work is preventative. This enables them effectively to save lives by teaching families and individuals how to respect the water, to understand the tide times and know how to get help quickly. Many of the visitors are returnees and appreciate how safe they feel because of the quick-thinking, highly trained lifeguards on the beach: good relationships have been forged.

Throughout the autumn and winter season the RNLI advises people to avoid swimming at a non-lifeguarded beach. If you find yourself entering the water accidentally, please be aware that cold water shock can take effect in waters below 15 degrees. Here are some useful guidelines to keep you safe:

– fight your instinct to thrash around
– lean back, extend your arms and legs
– gently move your arms and legs to help you float
– float until you can control your breathing
– call for help or swim to safety

For further information, search #FloatToLive on
The beaches in Hastings and Camber will be lifeguarded again from spring 2020, and Bexhill in the summer 2020.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce .


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