Sue Ryder celebrates anniversary


There’s no doubt it’s a tough time for High Street businesses, disposable income is not what it was and we are all less frivolous than perhaps we were. Climate change, recycling and austerity are all words we hear everyday, as a consequence of our refocusing, charity shops are an ever increasing feature on our High streets but in order to survive they have had to up their game.

Gone are the days when you could walk into a charity shop and even if you had your eyes closed you could smell what it was, you remember the scene, piles of clothes on tables, cardboard boxes full of bric a brac, musty magazines and books piled high and many items for sale for less than a pound.

The team at Sue Ryder. If you’ve got something to shout about, our very own town crier is just the person to do it for you.

How things have changed, this image has long since left us, in many cases replaced with smart well lit shops with clearly labelled stock in size or colour order, background music, clearly priced items displayed well, contactless payment options, no more free carrier bags and the opportunity to gift aid at every opportunity. Charity shops are now serious businesses, attracting a whole new demographic of donors and shoppers, a force to be reckoned with and no doubt here to stay.

Sue Ryder on the High Street is a shining example of how a shop should run and look, to survive in these difficult times is a triumph but believe it or not, this shop has been trading now for 30 years, what an amazing achievement.

Gabrielle Freitag with Denise Ellis and the Mayor

Last week saw their 30th birthday celebrations recognised by our very own Mayor and town crier together with manageress, Denise Ellis and her team from Sue Ryder seen in the photographs. A very special award was given to Gabrielle Freitag for her long service.

A huge number 30 emblazoned across the window shouts a loud message of success, the shop’s longevity is largely due to the hard work and dedication of the team inside but their success depends largely on what donations they receive. Let the success continue, congratulations Sue Ryder, all in all a great team effort and yet another success story for a Rye business.

Image Credits: Sue Ryder Facebook , Denise Ellis .


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