Lion Street reopens

Road open under the scaffold bridge
Lion Street closed for scaffolding Monday, January 27

Lion Street was closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic earlier this week, as reported in last week’s issue of Rye News. Coniston, the scaffolding contractor, worked with speed and skill to erect a platform, from which the dormer windows in the George can be accessed and replaced. The scaffolding also provides a right angle lock to stabilise the free standing structure on the High Street main facade.

Scaffolding in Lion Street Tuesday, January 28

The blue scaffold bridge shown in the main photo is 4.5 metres high, sufficient to allow through passage for goods vehicles as normal traffic flow resumed on Wednesday morning. Pedestrians however receive no consideration, but must take their life in their hands as there is no clear pavement either side of Lion Street.

The two-way system temporarily in operation in Market Street and East Street had been for the most part trouble-free, but the volumes of traffic in Rye were noticeably lower over the two days.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. There really is no pleasing some people.
    The comment made about their being no consideration for pedestrians.
    What would you like
    A pedestrian tunnel dug.
    Or even a bridge over the bridge.
    The scaffolding company has done a fantastic job.
    There is always someone who isn’t happy.


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