Lodge turns into emergency shop

Winchelsea Lodge

During these uncertain times the Winchelsea Lodge in Hastings Road, Winchelsea is going to become an emergency shop where we are going to sell over 100 products, including:
*toilet rolls
*dry goods
*tinned vegetables
*beans, pulses and more – we will be adding items with sizes and prices once they become known to us.

We will also have frozen food, including fish fingers, chips, scampi and more. Full list coming very soon.

We will be open 24/7 by arrangement so you can come and get your things when needed. We will be offering emergency deliveries to the elderly in the Winchelsea – Icklesham area. We will also sell home-cooked frozen meals – menu coming very soon.

Opening this Saturday 21 March. We clean and disinfect our premises every hour or more often if needed. If you are worried, we will be happy to leave the shopping for you outside or put it in your car so you do not have to come in. Just give us a call 01797 226 211 to order and pay in advance.

Image Credits: Winchelsea Lodge .



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