MP calls time on bikers

The weekly gathering of bikers has raised a number of concerns

Local MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally-Ann Hart, has called time on the excessive noise and speeding being caused by some motorcyclists.

Following recent enquires from constituents, Sally-Ann had this to say : “Living in Udimore myself, I have had first-hand experience of the increase in speeding and noise along our country lanes. I am clearly not alone.

“Constituents from across Rye and surrounding villages have been writing in complaining about the noticeable increase, since the Covid-19 lockdown began, in noise and speeding especially from motorbikes.

“Well, I am now calling time on this nuisance practice. In the coming weeks I will be meeting with Sussex Police to work through a plan of action to bring this bothersome practice to an end.

MP Sally-Ann Hart

“The winding lanes in East Sussex may seem enticing to use as a racetrack, but this simply cannot go on. These activities show no respect to local residents or the surrounding environment. It has to stop.”

Sally-Ann is now working with Sussex Police and the local community to find ways in which the excessive noise levels can be tackled so that speeding motorcyclists are caught and face the full force of the law. Moreover, Sally-Ann has written to the minister responsible to ask that the penalties currently in place for altering exhausts or baffles are reviewed and tightened up, so that they act as more of a deterrence.

“I am encouraged by trials that are taking place across the country, such as acoustic cameras that measure noise levels, and might be able to identify vehicles making excessive noise. There is work to be done here to find innovative ways to catch the motorcyclists who are partaking in these disrespectful activities.

“I do want to recognise that this is a minority of motorcyclists who are giving the majority a bad name, and that is also cause for finding out who they are and bringing an end to the excessive noise and speeding,” said Sally-Ann.

Source: Press release from MP Sally-Ann Hart

Image Credits: John Minter .


  1. That would be a good move forward as situation has definitely got worse
    Not just the excessive noise but the safety aspect of the speeds involved

  2. About time, long overdue, as a motorcyclist myself I cannot understand why some bikers enjoy making as much noise as possible and always ignore speed limits.

    Unfortunately getting action on things like this is a long and winding road, but she has my support.
    The only thing I disagree with her is that it’s a minority of bikers who obey the rules not the majority.
    R Bailey

    • It’s the same old story 80% – 20% rule. 20% ruin it for the 80%. The rule probably applies to people who leave litter on the beach etc

  3. Having written to our MP about this issue I have been impressed with her response by contacting the minister responsible, and to know trials of acoustic cameras are taking place. It’s a hard, long-standing problem that will be difficult to stop but worth a renewed effort.

  4. Many thanks go to our MP for her ongoing conversations with Sussex Police. In the USA bikers are fined if they interfere with their baffles, which then enable them to make more noise. I do understand it is a minority of bikers who cause such a nuisance noise-wise but would like to suggest that spot checks on the bikes every now and again at Strand Quay and other meeting points might possibly prove to be a deterrent.

  5. It’s great to see MP Sally-Ann Hart taking action on this, and it’s very much appreciated. But I want to comment on the often repeated line “this is a minority of motorcyclists …” ..what is classed as a minority ? On Saturday 27th June I counted over 100 motorbikes with excessive unnecessarily loud exhaust pipes between the hours of around 09.00am to 05.00pm. That’s noise pollution destroying the quality of other peoples lives who are being forced to live on a race track not of their choosing.

  6. Stop allowing them to meet on Strand Quay in such large numbers and then they won’t come so won’t be driving along the lanes and roads creating so much noise.

  7. Totally agree with Christine King comment. Why let bikers park at Strand Quay? It is not a car park. Cars cannot park there as it has barriers to stop them, so why can bikers park for free? Everyone living in Rye or the surrounding villages have to put up with the noise, especially on Sundays during the summer months. So sad at this time of the year we actually look forward to a wet Sunday so that we have a quieter day off……. Would also like to know how fast some of these bikes travel.

    • Perfectly stated. Last Sunday weather-wise was a bit dull and windy. But we had peace. Makes you wonder why those big strong bikers on their butch motorbikes can’t cope with a grey sky ?

  8. If you stop the bikers parking out the way at strand Quay, be prepared for blocked pavements, driveways or all the places in the car parks. Just a thought !

  9. The ground the bikers park on is owned by the environment agency who are not in the slightest bit interested in what Rye thinks, the one problem they do have is to be able to stop the bikes getting in they would also prevent disabled access, anywhere a disabled buggy, wheel chair or walking frame can get through a motor bike can also get through.
    Your first point of contact could be the Harbour Master but don’t hold your breath.

  10. I have literally had to purchase thicker windows to sleep at night. They stop some noise but not all. Really grateful that this is being looked into.

  11. My husband and I, both pensioners, love the bikes. We do not mind the noise and walk around to The Strand to look at them. We live along the busy A259 and again do not mind the noise. After all you are a long time dead, lets go for some fun and colour. Please do not ban them. I have spoken to many others who also enjoy seeing the bikes.


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