MP welcomes protections

Possible changes to fishing byelaws consulted on in 2018 and now in force

The local MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally-Ann Hart, has welcomed the step forward in
protecting marine environments along the Sussex coastline and supporting sustainable
fishing practices.

On hearing the news regarding the introduction of the new byelaw, Sally-Ann said: “I am
delighted that the new Nearshore Trawling Byelaw has finally been approved by the
government. As a champion of our environment and working in Parliament on nature-based solutions to fighting climate change, I am thrilled that these new trawling restrictions will help to revitalise our kelp forests.

“These amazing marine environments can store vast qualities of carbon from the atmosphere thereby helping to reduce the effects of climate change. Moreover, the impact this will have on helping to improve healthy seas, sustainable fishing practices and a viable fishing industry will be immense.”

This has been made possible by the Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority’s (SIFCA) Nearshore Trawling Byelaw 2019 finally coming into force.

This byelaw means that trawling practices are now prohibited throughout the year over large areas along the entire Sussex coast closest to the shore. As a result, important habitats such as kelp forests will now have the opportunity to regenerate and expand.

The new fisheries management measures are specifically intended to help safeguard the habitats that will ensure sustainable inshore fisheries into the future. Not only are kelp forests a great place for marine life such as cuttlefish and lobsters, and fish such as
bass, sole and black seabream, but also kelp is a fantastic carbon store that will help in the fight against climate change.

“I would like to thank all those at the Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, who have worked tirelessly in getting this byelaw approved by the government so that our vital coastal marine environments can be protected for generations to come. Their tenacity and drive has got us to this point and we will all benefit from these trawling restrictions coming into effect,” said Sally-Ann.

Image Credits: SIFCA .


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