Never on a Sunday

Boots in Rye High Street, open 6 days a week

In among the collection of posters in the front window of Boots on Rye High Street is a poster which has been brought to the attention of Rye News by local resident Richard Byham.

The poster (pictured) which states that Boots will no longer open on Sundays is simple and self explanatory, but the ramifications are worth considering seriously as they will affect many local residents who have come to depend on this service which ceased as of Christmas Eve last year.

Boots window display includes an important announcement.

Next door, the Day Lewis pharmacy doesn’t open on a Sunday either, and Jempson’s in Peasmarsh – where there is a superb new pharmacy counter – are traditionally closed on Sundays too. So, as the crow flies – on a Sunday the nearest pharmacies are in Hastings:

  • Morrisons, Queens Road
  • Lloyds inside Sainsbury’s, John Macadam Way
  • Boots, Priory Meadow
  • Hastings, Station Plaza Health Centre- (also longest opening hours, 8am to 8pm)
  • Plus the other large supermarkets: Tesco / Asda

Alternatively, it may be quicker, assuming you have transport available, to go to the New Romney Pharmacy but, it begs the question, does this mean that a town the size of Rye no longer has a duty chemist for dispensing of out of hours home visit and non-hospital emergency prescriptions?

Lateral Flow test kits available, but not at the moment.

Another poster in the window advises that lateral flow test kits are currently out of stock and having visited Jempson’s pharmacy in Peasmarsh today (Tuesday) I can confirm that stocks are awaited there too.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. The biggest impact may be on visitors to Rye. They are more likely to be out and about on a Sunday. They have nowhere to go if they end up with a minor injury or start feeling ill (locals will just go home). They may have come by train and not be able to drive to the nearest pharmacy.

    Are there any Rye businesses that stock basic medications and first aid kit? Adams? The Bargain Box? Costcutter? The tourist season starts again in a few weeks, so what must businesses do to prepare for the absence of a pharmacy? I’m sure our Boots has good reasons for not opening on a Sunday, but their decision is going to have far-reaching consequences come July.

  2. Maybe Boots has decided to close on Sunday for religious reasons and to give their hard pressed staff a much needed day off.

  3. Yes it is disappointing as you say Nick particularly when emergency items and out of hours prescriptions are needed. People come to Rye for all sorts of reasons and it could affect the other businesses too! Perhaps boots may reconsider as in several ways it will affect those who live in Rye and the visitors.

  4. Must be very disappointed for visitors and holiday makers
    Boots closed on Sunday
    Day Lewis closed on Sunday
    But if you want a bet on the horses
    Bet Fred is open
    Don’t make sense

  5. Boots’ American parent, Walgreens, has put it up for sale. Expect it to be gobbled up by some rapacious Private Equity firm or another who will drive down on costs even harder than it’s current owner. Who knows whether Rye will have a Boots branch open on any day of the week, not just on Sundays.


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