New editor sails in sloely

Rye News's new editor John Minter (far left) judging the sloe gin competition in January. Luckily for him, not a month for any serious sailing.

Rye News has a new editor, John Minter – its third, after Tony Nunn and Charles Harkness.  John has previously been (and still is) sports editor, production editor and publisher and in practice he has been doing the editor’s job (much of the time) for some months.

As outgoing editor, I have kicked myself upstairs to the post of editor-in-chief advising, as a former journalist, on all editorial matters, reporting on the Town Council (when I’m there), and occasionally doing guest appearances as news editor, chief reporter and so on.

I have either had, or been recovering from, pneumonia for a number of months and my household size has also doubled. Other parents may be familiar with the “boomerang kids syndrome” frequently caused by minimum wages, zero hour contracts and maximum rents. You thought they had left home, but think again.

The new editor at the helm of Hugh Redman's very beautiful yacht, Helena Anne
The new editor at the helm of Hugh Redman’s very beautiful yacht, Helena Anne

John has solved that problem and claims a journalistic background by osmosis (he picked it up) as a daughter was working at the Guardian until recently. However he has also been a shipbroker, property developer and furniture manufacturer, has represented Great Britain at triathlon and plays tennis, golf, croquet and bridge – in gaps between sailing.

He is also known to both manufacture and consume sloe gin (see top photo) – but this is not necessarily compulsory when sailing.

Rye News’ first editor  Tony Nunn was a Fleet Street professional (though national newspapers are well scattered around London now) and zealously set up the publishing system for Rye News and tried to set high standards for all the details.  John will attempt to emulate this and his past service in the City’s Honourable Artillery Company may be helpful.

Volunteers to work on Rye News are always needed, and welcome, as are contributions. To get involved see the top right-hand panel, and if you are interested in volunteering see “Our Rye News Project” at the bottom of the page.

At the launch of Rye News: Charles Harkness, Jane Taylor, KT Bruce, Kenneth Bird and Tony Nunn
At the launch of Rye News: Charles Harkness, Jane Taylor, KT Bruce, Kenneth Bird and Tony Nunn


Photos: Rye News library


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