New parking meter demolished

The demolished meter outside the Waterworks in Tower Street

The new solar powered parking meters are in place in Rye and, other than a few initial teething problems, seem to be functioning as they should. One however will now have to be replaced as it has been demolished, not by an act of wanton vandalism, but as the victim of a road traffic accident.

The accident, a week ago on Friday, October 9, happened when two cars collided at the junction of Cinque Ports Street, Tower Street, Conduit Hill and Rope Walk.

New parking meter demolished in accident.

At this junction traffic can be turning either left or right from three of the streets as only Tower Street is one way and, following the collision, one car hit the parking meter outside the Waterworks public house on the corner of Rope Walk and Tower Street.

A passing pedestrian narrowly missed being hit in the process and we understand that, thankfully, nobody was injured. The meter will have to be replaced but, ironically, had it not been there, the passing pedestrian may not have been quite so lucky.

Image Credits: Sue Forman , Waterworks Facebook .


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