Parking group welcomed

Keith Glazier, Leader of East Sussex County Council, and Rye County Councillor

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) leader and local county councillor Keith Glazier welcomed the Town Council’s decision to set up a working group on CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) at the  town council meeting on January 28.

“There is clearly a lot of interest in this issue,” he said “and we [ESCC] are only doing what we are asked to do.”

This is a legal process, he added, and there will be a formal consultation later in the year.

He said he recognised that some cars would be displaced from the town centre, and a later debate at the council meeting about housing on the Lower School site (close to the town centre) heard concerns that some displaced cars could end up there.

Once CPE has been introduced, with meters and wardens, councils around the country with housing that lacked garages and driveways, and which could not be provided, have had (because of displacement) to introduce more residents’ permits so they can park outside their homes.

Because of displacement more road markings have had to be introduced when garages and drives are persistently blocked by thoughtless parking, and councils have therefore had to keep CPE and related issues under regular review.

In London, for example, councils are now looking at reviewing parking arrangements to allow for car-sharing schemes and recharging points for electric cars.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. Having read the first five articles in this weeks publication I come to the conclusion that what Rye does best is talk.
    When is something going to be done?
    Not in my lifetime by the looks of it.


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